New & Upcoming Releases

New & Upcoming Releases

New episodes of Film Music Fridays, Film Music Focus, and more.

New & Upcoming Releases
  • Ep. 43 - Maurice Jarre's 'Lawrence of Arabia' (4K HDR)

    There is no question that many believe this score by Jarre to be one of his finest compositions. Jarre was given just six weeks to compose over two hours of orchestral music. Performed by the London Philharmonic, many consider this to be one of the greatest scores of all time, ranking number thre...

  • Ep. 42 - Henry Mancini's 'The Pink Panther'

    Who can forget the Pink Panther theme by Henry Mancini? Back in 1964, the soundtrack peaked at No. 8 and remained on the charts for 41 weeks. "The Pink Panther Theme", which is featured in this clip, reached the top 10 in the U.S. Billboard chart and features the distinct tenor saxophone of Plas ...

  • Ep. 41 - James Horner's 'An American Tail'

    Enjoy one of our favorite cues to the late James Horner's fantastic score to the 1986 animation classic, 'An American Tail'. 'Somewhere Out There', which Horner co-wrote, is one of his most memorable compositions to-date, and he utilized the full London Symphony Orchestra and added such beautiful...

  • Ep. 47 - Ennio Morricone's 'Once Upon a Time in America'

    Justin talks about two very difficult and complex scenes from Serio Leone's film 'Once Upon A Time in America' starring Robert De Niro.

  • Ep. 36 - Jerry Goldsmith's 'First Knight'

    Some consider this to be one of the best Jerry Goldsmith scores to-date. Interestingly, Goldsmith had limited time to compose the score with only three and a half days to record the entire thing.

    This sequence is from the epic battle and finale at the end of the film, and it is truly a massive c...

  • Ep. 25 - Christopher Willis Interview, Part 2

    In the second part of our interview series with Christopher Willis he talks about his experience working with Rupert Gregson-Williams on VEEP, what it was like to score comedy in a serious way, how he got the job on Disney's The Lion Guard, and MORE!