New Releases

New Releases

New episodes of Film Music Fridays, Film Music Focus, Score Cue Snapshots, and more.

New Releases
  • Ep. 207 - John Williams' 'The Fabelmans'

    There is something so personal and exquisite about this film, and it makes sense that John Williams would compose such a beautiful and touching theme on piano to accompany it. There is no question that the Williams & Spielberg collaboration is timeless, inspiring, and unique. What you hear in thi...

  • Ep. 206 - True Detective (feat. The Handsome Family)

    Who can forget the opening credits of the original Season 1 of 'True Detective'? It was, by far, one of the best seasons that premiered on television at the time. Woody and Matthew's performances were incredible, and we feel the opening should be featured as one of this week's snapshots.


  • EP. 205 - Tyler Bates' '300'

    We feel that Zack Snyder is a visionary, and the way he utilizes fantastical elements in his films (along with the score) is unique. Regardless of what you think about this film, it's beautiful to watch. The rich contrasted colors, the sepia tones, the incredible slow motion action shots in battl...

  • Ep. 204 - Almost Famous (feat. Elton John)

    We feel that Cameron Crowe's biopic is actually one of the best ever made. In what feels like somewhat of a coming of age film, the story itself is very mature which coincides with the meticulous use of music throughout. Crowe is notoriously famous for his hand-crafted soundtracks, and 'Almost Fa...

  • Ep. 203 - Cruel Intentions (feat. The Verve)

    Who can forget this 1999 American teen romantic drama featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, and Selma Blair? We can't! In a quintessential modern retelling of Pierre Choderlos de Laclos' 1782 novel 'Les Liaisons dangereuses' (which was made in to 'Dangerous Liaisons'...

  • Ep. 202 - James Horner's 'Braveheart'

    We feel this is one of Horner's best scores, and it is an exquisite result of the wonderful creative collaboration between Horner and Gibson over many years.

    Nominated for Best Original Score at the 68th Academy Awards, Horner used the London Symphony Orchestra and the album has gone on to be on...

  • Ep. 201 - Alan Silvestri's 'The Polar Express' - Happy Holidays (2022)

    Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

    Where to watch:

  • Ep. 200 - Graeme Revell's 'Strange Days' (feat. Lori Carson)

    In our 200th episode, we felt it appropriate to end with one of our favorite Kathryn Bigelow cyberpunk thrillers. Released in the mid-90s, we love the film's grittiness, in addition to making MiniDiscs really go mainstream. Celebrating the turn of the millennium, this scene comes at the end when ...

  • Ep. 199 - Alan Silvestris 'Flight of the Navigator'

    There is nothing quite like watching these classic films, especially during the holidays. This has to be one of our favorite 80's sci-fi films ever, with a delightful score by the great Alan Silvestri. If you haven't seen the film, the holidays are a perfect opportunity to do so!

    Where to watch:...